Artificial intelligence AI applications for marketing: A literature-based study

Artificial intelligence AI applications for marketing: A literature-based study

To make an impact, companies need to consistently identify, create, and distribute the most relevant and high-quality content for their target market. In a time of content oversaturation, AI is playing a crucial role in helping marketers streamline processes, analyze user data, and determine user intent for content creation. Machine learning AI in marketing helps Google recognize the natural language people use when they type online and then use this information to provide the most relevant search results.

AI In Marketing

But you don’t need to be a multi-billion-dollar corporation to leverage the benefits of artificial intelligence in marketing, as demonstrated by mattress startup Tomorrow Sleep. Sephora’s chatbot helped consumers narrow down choices, beginning with a quiz about their product preferences. Product preferences are especially helpful in the cosmetics industry, where the options can be overwhelming and difficult to purchase without testing in person. Sephora gained valuable insights from their chatbot and saw enough engagement from that experiment that it’s since launched more chatbots on Messenger. At many firms, the marketing function is rapidly embracing artificial intelligence. But in order to fully realize the technology’s enormous potential, chief marketing officers must understand the various types of applications—and how they might evolve.

Voice search

It’s important to begin with a thorough plan when leveraging AI in marketing campaigns and operations. This will ensure marketing teams minimize costly challenges and achieve the most value from their AI investment in the least amount of time. Marketers and Brands have saved both time and resources through automated digital marketing services.

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Digital Marketing Software Global Market Report 2022: Key Players ….

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This mass migration to digital has given brands access to consumers at a new scale. Now the challenge will be learning how to do modern data-driven marketing in an increasingly cookie-less world. Another aspect is the growing concern of customers about their privacy, which can raise mistrust about the use of algorithms. If consumers see too much personalized advertising, it can be perceived AI In Marketing as creepy, especially if the advertising is based on very deep insights into private information. This is also called overkill targeting and can reduce the success of the marketing strategy. On the basis of Customer Touchpoint Tracking, a customer’s activities can be systematically measured via various touchpoints such as search engines, social media and online advertising.

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It also enables the integration of automated communication software like chatbots. Here once again, AI can help by matching products with people who have cultivated audiences that are likely to be synched to a brand’s appeal and values. Some uses of AI in this field of marketing involve taking things a step further though, such as AI-generated influencer Lil Miquela who has used chatbot technology to create an entirely digital persona. Despite the fact she doesn’t exist, millions of followers consider her an arbiter of style and are happy to go along with her recommendations, meaning she can earn a hefty fee from brands like Calvin Klein and Prada. Artificial intelligence marketing is a method of leveraging customer data and AI concepts like machine learning to anticipate your customer’s next move and improve the customer journey.

AI In Marketing

There are plenty of artificial intelligence marketing tools designed specifically for business sales, allowing B2B vendors to leverage the power of personalization, machine learning, and more. From AI-powered workflows to automated next best action features, AI is helping companies solve challenges specific to B2B. AI methods such as advanced data models, powerful algorithms, and machine learning can be leveraged to discover actionable consumer insights.

Greater personalization

An example would be a system that automatically sends a welcome email to each new customer. Simpler chatbots, such as those available through Facebook Messenger and other social media providers, also fall into this category. AI marketing can help make brands more competitive by enabling dynamic pricing.

  • South Africans nicknamed January “Januworry” because of how long the month feels.
  • In addition to fine-tuning content, it can learn customer preferences and offer them relevant recommendations.
  • There are four common challenges that brands encounter when distributing content on a large scale.
  • AI marketing tools create opportunities to optimize steps in a marketing strategy that might currently be labor-intensive, such as data analysis, or have a risk of inaccuracy, such as attribution.
  • In addition, the data can be visually interpreted in the form of dashboards.
  • Be sure privacy standards are established and programmed into your AI marketing platforms as needed to maintain compliance and consumer trust.

Persado uses AI to help automate some aspects of content creation to increase efficiency, allowing teams to focus on more strategic tasks that require human judgment. This is the biggest benefit to businesses–AI’s purpose, in marketing and in general, is not to replace the human workforce, but to free up time for work that computers can’t yet do on humans’ behalf. Persado trained its AI platform to detect emotions, which is one of the most difficult language elements to master. The system matches brand voice and audience impact analytics to produce optimal copy throughout every consumer touchpoint.

Next best experience platform

Every user has variations that differentiate them from the larger group, so no group marketing campaign will ever be as effective as a campaign that targets specific individuals and their own interests. According to Accenture, productivity of businesses can be improved by 40% when utilizing AI. This not only can save time and money but can enable your company to focus their efforts on providing quality experiences for customers rather than spending too much time moving things from one spreadsheet to another.

AI In Marketing

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